Bauer Family Farm

Located along the the Susquehanna River, our farm started with two sheep and soon expanded to include other animals such as llamas, chickens, angora rabbits and more sheep. Linda met a group of spinners demonstrating their art at the 2004 PA Farm Show, and has been spinning ever since.  She tries to pass it on by introducing spinning to as many other people as possible. She enjoys other forms of fiber art such as: dying, weaving, knitting and felting.

Her daughter is also a fiber enthusiast and attends as many shows and demonstrations as possible. When she is not testing out new patterns on her loom or experimenting with different yarns, she can usually be found making yarn on her drop spindle.

Robert is a woodworker, Master Gardener, and Master Food Preserver. He enjoys growing the usual vegetables in his garden as well as: multiple varieties of carrots, raspberries, strawberries, currents, potatoes, asparagus, and apples.  When he is not working in the yard, he enjoys woodworking. He makes equipment such as warping boards, lazy kates, weaving benches and yarn baskets.

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